Ball Game.

Our balls aren't the kind you hit or kick, but you'll sure as anything want to throw them...........down the hatch! The Ball Joint is gourmet-level food that's accessible to all. And, it's not just great food, but great fun, too! We take different foods and try to make them round. Studies have shown that round food tastes better. It's science. 

Bryan thought, "What if it weren't just meatballs, but balls of ALL kinds?  Could there be an entire concept centered on balls of all different varieties and flavors?" So, he set out on a quest to see if a spherical food concept could actually work.

BryaN Fyock

~ Founder

On New Years Eve 2009, Bryan & Amanda Fyock had a gathering at their home. Bryan did his best to mimic his great-grandmother's Italian style meatballs. Someone said, "Wow!  

These meatballs are fantastic! Have you ever thought about opening a restaurant?"  

The little idea that started with friends and some good old fashioned meatballs, is now a fast-casual food concept operating in Northern Colorado. Amazing what a some imagination, determination, and serious ball handling skills can accomplish!

Pile of Balls Italian Style
Signature Ball Sub
Pile of Balls Cheesy Bacon Buffalo Style

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Thursday thru Saturday 4 pm to 8 pm

Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm

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